Has Your Doctor Told You?

Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure? If so, chances are you take at least one blood pressure medication.  Do you know what you are taking and how it works? Do you know what else it may be doing to your body? All too often when I meet a new patient and ask what […]

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Making an Impact

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness Hey! Have you ever had a day when you were busy from the time your feet hit the floor in the morning but you felt like you had accomplished nothing? Have you ever had a day during which you may have done one or two significant things, and felt good about yourself […]

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Wait, no that’s not what I meant!  Everyone’s keeping their job (as far as I know). I’m talking about the blog. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this blog. I appreciate every email, every comment and every suggestion. As is true of many healthy growing things, my message is evolving and so must […]

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Dream On!

Tapping into Twilight:  What is your unconscious mind trying to tell you? In the last post, Get Your Mind Right,  I gave a general overview of the different types of brain waves, frequencies, and their associated states of mind.  I got a ton of interest in one particular type of brain, theta. This was unexpected […]

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Get Your Mind Right!

Some fast paced hip hop or hard rock to get you hype for the big fight? Check. Mellow jazz or classical music to wind down on a beautiful summer evening? Check. Music from those fabulous teen years when you’re feeling a bit nostalgic? Check. Changing up your brain waves to shift your consciousness? Uh, say […]

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Immerse Yourself

Sound Therapy for Your Body Last week I mentioned that sound affects our physiology, psychology, cognition, and behavior. Today, we will address number one—how to use sound to change your physiology. “Modern” science is now learning something that ancient cultures have known for millennia: vibration forms the foundation of our very existence. Everything we see […]

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The Power of Sound

We are bombarded daily with too much noise and overstimulated to the point of saturation. Some of us fall asleep watching television and are listening all night to whatever happens to come on. We wake up to some kind of alarm, jarring us back to this reality. We turn on another television to watch the morning […]

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